Hiiii so glad you're here!

My name is Kenn if we haven't met already! I love Jesus, traveling and spending time with my people. I hope this place is a place of simplicity and Light, we are reminded throughout scripture we only have the night for a little while longer and I've made it my goal and heart to run into the night with boldness to see how the Light breaks in, it always does.


I pray this is a place you feel like home, where you can breath and become more familiar with the One who gives you breath, a pulse and purpose.


You are loved deeply.

Even when you feel unlovely, He loves you even more.

Don't every forget that.


So join me, as we go into the night with the hope of Light.


xo, kenn

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This is my family! I am the oldest of 7, the youngest 4 are adopted from over seas and because of this I've gotten to gravel all over the world and have many friends of many nationalities! Some of the dearest are pictured below!

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