Hiii, glad you’re here!

Hiii, glad you’re here!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my web page, I’m excited to get to learn along side of you as I launch on this new journey! Blogging and web design is very new territory for me and so we’ll see how this goes!

So for my first blog post I would just like to share a little bit about my self, I am currently in an internship program at my church that is amazing. Obviously the main portion of this program is based on developing us as leaders in ministry, but also has aspects of personal development.

I love getting to be apart of this program and have learned so much. Not only have I grown dramatically in my knowledge of Jesus and ministry as well as learning how to do promotional and business aspects of ministry as well. This is a picture of me and the other interns (we’re called to uCrew!) and over the course of this past year they’ve become some of my closest friends.

I love it, it’s so great.

Thanks for reading.

xo, kenn

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