Summer Travel Tips

Summer Travel Tips

Summer Travel Tips & Trends 2019! With school coming to a close and summer approaching here are some tips for traveling and travel trends we've seen! #SMSStillwellSpringD #LUO356

Posted by Kennady Johanson on Thursday, May 2, 2019

With school coming to a close, summer travel is about to pick up! Summer is the perfect time to explore and see the world, but with the prices of flights only getting higher it can get tricky to navigate the best time to travel. Unfortunately with the influx in desire to travel, the prices tend to rise as well, but with these few travel hacks, let me help you save a few cents here and there so that you can get all you can out of your summer travel budget!

There’s no denying the best time to travel is April to October in most countries for weather purposes. This obviously varies by region and is dependent on why you want to travel, but according to Journey’s International, majority of the time April-October is where it’s at. With that being said  flights during this season get a bit more expensive, due to the demand. encourages us to avoid flying during peak summer season (late June - late August), in order to get the most price efficient flights.

In the summer students schedules also free up and the weather gets so enjoyable, so naturally having the world to explore is a great idea. A company called AirBNB has made a huge entrance into the travel world and has become increasingly attractive for travelers looking to save on travel costs. Basically what AirBNB is, is a bed and breakfast style app that offers a wide variety of housing available all over the world. People can rent a room, a house or an entire estate for one night or weeks by simply renting it on the app. Travelers then view listings on AirBNB and view images of the rooms/houses/estates offered and rent one right there! It makes travel quick, easy and helps travelers save and homeowners make a little extra cash.

Another ingenious app that has revolutionized in-country transportation is a mobile drive app called Uber. No more needing to wait around for a taxi, with the simple tap of a button you can have your vehicle waiting for you the second you step out your door. This helps you save time and money.

Do not fear! If you’re hoping to get some good summer travel in and don’t want to break the bank there are options for you! The video below provides an excellent visual breakdown of when the best time to book flights is for both planning and cost effectiveness. Do not fear; there are ways to strategically plan to save you money while keeping your travel plans. Oh & also! Book on Tuesday’s, flights are usually cheaper on these days and can save ya a little bit of cash.

Ultimately, what every traveler wants is to not break the bank while having a once-in-a-lifetime experience to enjoy a new culture and be immersed in it’s uniqueness. By following these tips, keeping an eye on rising flight prices in high demand areas and then booking flights in the perfect window (which is between 3 weeks - 4 months in advance), travelers will get the best summer travel experience.

So here’s a recap: summer travel is among us, in order to get the most bang for your buck book flights in advance, book on Tuesday’s and use travel apps like AirBNB and Uber to efficiently book and manage lodging and transportation.

Enjoy your summer travels, don’t have too much fun without me.




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